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The Russian bot network has plundered millions of dollars from advertisers

White Ops has discovered a Russian network of bots that bring criminals millions of dollars a day. The system is used to view video ads on fake, specially crafted pages.

Russian hackers have found a completely new, very lucrative way to make money on ads that bring them at least $ 3 million a day. Specialists from White Ops have discovered that hackers have created a bot named Methbot, which cheats the advertising network by playing video ads, followed by bots that imitate real users.

The hacker idea is very complex and requires a lot of effort. The criminals first registered over 6,000 fake Internet domains, pretending to be popular, completely legal. And then they generated over 250,000 false internet addresses, which were solely for video hosting. Ads played on such a site brought criminals $ 13 per 1000 impressions.

Hackers obviously did not confine themselves to creating fake sites, but they also prepared a special algorithm that allowed them to display ads on them. Of course, the ads themselves are not all that, as they still need to organize users to watch and generate traffic.

So they rented the entire server room, which redirected traffic from 570,000 real-user bots, simulating mouse clicks and cursor movements. They managed to illegally acquire IP addresses from two regional Internet registries, which allowed them to pretend that the traffic generated by bots was from Verizon, Comcast, and several other customers.

IPhone mobile laboratory for cancer detection

Cancer is now the biggest threat to human life, and the key to their treatment is to detect it as quickly as possible. To diagnose cancer, you need a well-equipped medical laboratory with the right equipment and personnel. Unfortunately, not everywhere it is available, so researchers from various research centers are working on mobile laboratories that would perform similar functions.

A team of scientists from the State University of Washington has created such a laboratory that enables on-the-spot testing of tumors. The whole device is very small, and this size was achieved through the use of iPhone 5, which acts as a computing unit for analysis of samples taken.

The device uses a spectrometer to simultaneously analyze eight samples and, by measuring the light spectrum, determines what chemicals are present in them. This way it detects markers of lung, breast, prostate, and epithelial cancer.

Surprisingly, the lab is able to reach as much as 99 percent efficiency in detecting tumors in a patient. It is very useful in developing countries where access to modern medicine is limited.

The Fitbit suit has saved a woman’s life

The 73-year-old Patricia Lauder from Connecticut owes his life to Fitbit's fitness belt. The device had suspected a high heart rate that allowed doctors to detect blood clots in both her lungs.

Fitness belts, although initially aroused great consumer interest, have in recent years their sales have fallen sharply. Manufacturers had to dismiss a lot of employees and restructure their businesses to avoid bankruptcy.

However, it turns out that these devices are useful and not only in the role to which they were designed. 73-year-old Patricia Lauder from Connecticut, thanks to the Fitbits, because of his life. The equipment she was wearing one day recorded a very high heart rate of 140 beats per minute, so much higher than the standard 60-70 beats that she had every day. The woman immediately notified the ambulance and it probably saved her life.

A hospital study revealed blood clots in both lungs that forced the heart to work harder to compensate for oxygen deficiency. Doctors within 24 hours dissolved clots and lungs began to work normally.

Mitsubishi is working on intelligent turn signals

Many drivers forget that they have direction indicator lights in their cars, while it is one of the most important equipment of the vehicle, decisive passenger safety. Mitsubishi Electric is working on a completely new technology that will turn signaling in an even more transparent way.

Everybody knows how the direction indicator lights work in the car: flashing lights signal the turning. They are often so small that they are hard to see, especially on a sunny day. Mitsubishi Electric engineers are working on a completely new kind of direction indicator, which will more clearly inform other road users of the turn direction.

The concept system resigns from the blinking lights built into the vehicle's bodywork, to the LED projectors displaying the patterns directly on the road surface. As you can see in the following sketch, the new direction indicators will be much better informed about the traffic and direction. They will show when the vehicle moves forward, backward, turns left and right, and tells you to stop and open the door. Thanks to this latter function, cyclists, when trying to bypass them, will no longer fall into the suddenly open door of the vehicle.

NATO Maneuvers on the Black Sea

Today (March 10) NATO maneuvers on the Black Sea begin. They will join the combined US-Bulgarian-Romanian forces, and the exercises will last until 12 March.

The American side represents the Arleigh Burke missile destroyer - USS Truxton (pictured). This vessel, which is part of the hit group USS George HW Bush, a few days ago, with the consent of Turkey, affected the waters of the Black Sea. The aircraft carrier, with nearly 20 support ships, which had so far been stationed in Greece, sailed to Turkey's Antalya Turkish Mediterranean port on Sunday 9 March (less than 900 km from Crimea).

US naval officials assert that their presence as a Black Sea rocket destroyer in close proximity to Ukraine was planned before February 15, when the entire USS George HW Bush strike group left Norfolk's naval base.

Germany regulates streaming on the internet

The German government has come up with a new idea, which may not appeal to online streamers. Some of them will have to get a license to broadcast programs.

It would seem that the Internet is governed by slightly different rules than television broadcasters and radio, and anyone who wishes can broadcast for hours. The German authorities, however, have a slightly different view on this, and soon YouTube or Twitch users will have to sign up for a broadcast license if they want to continue.

The whole thing started with a YouTube channel called PietSmietTV, which gives let's playe 24 hours a day. It is one of the most famous German channels devoted to playing, not only on YouTube, but also on TwitchTV and IPTV.

The Russo- Authorizations and Surveillance (ZAK), however, decided that its activities are coming under the definition of sender. And that means that the owner of the channel by April 30 will have to acquire the appropriate licenses or terminate the broadcast.

CoolChip revolution in processor cooling

CoolChip is the latest system designed for cooling air processors, which can be a real revolution. Its unusual design makes it impossible to find a typical heat sink, yet the new product is even 40 percent more efficient than the existing coolers.

Modern computers could not function without cooling, producing large amounts of processor heat. The current systems that provide PCs are based mostly on air cooling, which is not very efficient but cheap. These structures consist of a heat sink receiving heat from the system and then a fan that disperses them.

There are several ways to increase the efficiency of such cooling. Larger and faster fans can be used, larger heat sinks, and even hybrid systems that combine liquid and air cooling. However, all this increases the price of such a cooler, not to mention the large amount of free space needed to install it. This is not a particularly practical solution.

That's why the CoolChip CoolChip CoolChip Technologies CoolChip Technologies, based on kinetic cooling technology, is so interested in this. As you can see in the attached photos, the system does not have a traditional heat sink, because its role takes over the windmill, which, unlike typical coolers, was made of metal.

So heat is transferred from the copper cradle directly to the fan suspended above it at a few microns. The windmill simultaneously absorbs heat and dissipates it. Such a 35-40% manufacturer claims that the manufacturer increases the cooling efficiency.

CoolChip would be a very beneficial solution, but its appearance on the market is rather unlikely. The production of such a cooler is far more difficult and requires more advanced machinery, and of course it would have to cost significantly. Besides, the small space dividing the copper cup from the windmill makes it very dusty, reducing the efficiency of cooling very quickly.

The largest ship in Australian military history accepted into service

In Australia, the largest ship ever to sail under the Royal Australian Navy has been commissioned. This is the huge landing platform of HMAS Canberra. The ship was built on the basis of the Spanish ship Juan Carlos I, and in 2016, the Australian sailors will also have a twin HMAS Adelaide.

The ship's hull with basic instrumentation was built in Navantia's Spanish shipyard, then transported to Australia and completed on site. Below you can see the time-lapse film from HMAS Canberra on Antipodes.

HMAS Canberra could theoretically be classified as a light aircraft carrier, as it could operate short-range and vertical landing aircraft such as the Harrier or F-35B, but the Australians eventually withdrew from the purchase of American aircraft. That is why Canberra will be a rocket / helicopter.

Ships have a displacement of 30 thousand. And will be one of the largest ships in the region. Up to 18 helicopters and 110 vehicles can be boarded. For this, more than a thousand landing troops, whose ash will carry four landing craft. Same ships have only defensive armament, but the offensive force will provide support ships.

Official specification

The Huawei Chinese company has unveiled its latest mobile processor, the Kirin 950, which will be on board the new smartphones. The first benchmarks show that the latest layout leaves behind nearly all rivals and may be one of the most powerful processors on the market.

Huawei is Samsung's next smartphone manufacturer to develop its own processor. Its Kirin 950 system, as evidenced by the benchmarks, surpasses only Samsung's newest Exynos M1 Mongoose processor, hitting other chips, including Snapdragon 820.

The Chinese company during the Beijing conference unveiled its latest product, revealing its full technical specification. The processor was made with 16 nm technology and features four powerful 2.3 GHz ARM Cortex A72 cores and four weaker Cortex A53 1.8 GHz cores working in the well-known big configuration.LITTLE.

It supports a small i5 coprocessor, as well as the Mali T880MP4 graphics unit, which provides the smoothness of the display graphics. The processor also features the Cat.6 LTE model for fast data retrieval from the web.

The coprocessor takes care of sensors, a barometer, a gyroscope, a magnetometer, and an accelerometer. Always watch, it is four times better than the i3 coprocessor and needs only 6.5 mA of energy, instead of 90 mA for the predecessor. The graphics unit is 100 percent more efficient than the Kirin 930.

System designers have also improved the quality of voice transmission, increasing the frequency of the transmitted frequency by 100 percent, which now closes in the 50 Hz to 7 kHz range. This means better sound output in low and high frequencies.

Another change is the vertically positioned transistors and the FinFET manufacturing process, which reduces power consumption without sacrificing performance. Constructors emphasize that their performance has increased by 40 percent and power consumption has been reduced by 60 percent. This gives an additional 10 hours of smartphone operation on a standard 3500 mAh battery.

New iPhone with stronger housing

With the bending case of the iPhone 6, the next generation of smartphones, Apple will pay more attention to the strength of the materials from which it is made. In future generations, the American corporation is going to use aluminum with considerably higher hardness.

The launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been widely echoed online, but not necessarily the way Apple wants it. The company used the aluminum 2474, but it turned out to be very thin. Therefore, for some time in the network appeared pictures of curved devices, the weak housing deformed when worn in trousers.

Apple admitted that the problem was a small number of devices, but quickly introduced structural modifications by installing additional casing reinforcements to prevent it from bending.

In subsequent generations, the company intends to completely eliminate this problem by using much more powerful 7000 Series aluminum. This is exactly the same material that was used in the Apple Watch case, giving the watch more durability. The US corporation plans to use it also in the next iPhone 6 models, which should increase its strength of 60 percent.

Unfortunately, it also complicates the production process, greatly extending it at the same time. For this reason, Apple Watch's manufacturing factories are failing to comply with orders, resulting in almost two months delay in delivery of the new product.

Incorrect insertion of Pena in Galaxy Note 5 can damage it

Smartphones have been used for years without the stylus used to support touch screens, since the fingers of the user were enough for that. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 also incorporated this feature, but it is not a good idea, because misplacing it could damage the phone.

The S Pen, which is a stylus in which the Galaxy Note 5 is equipped, is theoretically a very useful tool. This is a business phablet that runs graphical software and various financial statements, which are much easier to navigate with a thin pen.

It may, however, cause problems for the users of this smartphone, especially the more absent-minded, who accidentally inserts them into the opposite casing than it should be done. The editors of the Android Police website have shown what will happen if this happens. Then the stylus not only locks into the casing and can not be pulled out, but also stupidly detected system, which causes the smartphone to stop working properly.

Pavements for SMS writers in Antwerp

Every smartphone owner knows how engrossing attention is writing SMS. At the same time writing and moving the sidewalk, you are asking for serious bodily injury caused by falling into a pillar or other people. In Antwerp, special belts were designed for people writing messages while walking.

Walking around crowded pavements of large cities requires extra caution and respect for the surroundings, otherwise you might fall for someone. Much worse are people who can not even break away from their phones, constantly writing text messages. In their case, the risk of injury is much higher and some people end up with a broken lantern or other decor.

In Antwerp, it was decided to protect such people, leaving on the sidewalks in the busiest part of the city special belts for SMS writers in motion. Interestingly, this is not a government initiative, but the idea of ​​Mlab, which believes it can reduce pedestrian injuries in this way.

Smartphones and other gadgets are not on the way with healthy sleep

Modern gadgets have become part of our lives and are so ubiquitous that we sometimes feel overwhelmed by them. The debate over positive or negative features of technology can lead to infinity, but it seems that one area of ​​our lives is severely affected. Our dream

Interestingly, although all age groups use new technologies, a study of 4700 people from seven countries indicated that mostly young people indicated that sleep problems were related to continual networking.

It does not seem strange if it was in the younger group of respondents that there were more adherents to holding the phone under the pillow.

Apart from subjective perceptions, there are also quite scientific premises for assuming that screening does not coincide with our natural daily cycle. The fact is that modern appliances, equipped with LED screens, emit so-called "blue light". The receptors of our eyes receive this phenomenon just as our ancestors received it, sending a message to the brain that it was already morning. It is easy to imagine how such a signal in the morning can confuse our biological computer, especially after a full day of fatigue. Blue light blocks the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that supports natural sleep.

It's not just a theory, experimental research has shown that people using orange goggles who filtered blue light during bedtime use had a higher melatonin level than they did without them.

In this case, scientific evidence goes hand in hand with a common sense approach - what is too much is not healthy. And notifications from facebook friends can wait until morning.

State of Virginia legalizes delivery drones

Virginia is the first American state to have legalized delivery robots. In a few months, the first such machines will be able to legally start their work, carrying out various kinds of goods.

The future of courier services does not appear in bright colors. In a few years, everyone will lose the job of replacing the machines, either flying drones or delivery trucks moving on the ground. This future, in spite of appearances, is closer than we think.

Last week, Virginia's governor signed a new law that legalized terrestrial delivery work, allowing them to navigate the sidewalks and pedestrian crossings. Machines can not, however, travel at a higher speed than 16 km / h and exceed 22.5 kg.

Rules that will come into force on 1 July will allow such machines to move completely on their own. This does not mean, however, that they will operate unattended. To minimize the risk of collisions, regulatory authorities require each operator to have a remote monitoring system.

Hundreds of soldiers suspected of disseminating intimate photos of their girlfriends

The US Navy Investigations Bureau has launched an investigation against the founders of one of the private Facebook groups. The group served to distribute naked female servants in the American and British armies.

The media informs the investigation launched by the US Navy's Bureau of Investigation, which manages the Marines United-based Facebook. It was revealed that it was primarily used to share pictures of naked women serving in the army. And their dissemination was handled by US and British military forces, including the Marine Corps, Navy Corpsman and the Royal Marines.

Although the main activity of the group was a discussion on military issues, it was dominated by pictures and videos of naked girls: from the photographs of the uncensored women who had been unaware of it to the intimate material whose publication was motivated by vengeance. So far, over 20 women have been identified by name and position.

The investigation includes hundreds of soldiers, and at the same time many accounts on Facebook and Google Drive, belonging to people involved in the case, have been closed. Some have already been expelled and dismissed from their posts.

10 cents for games and movies for Windows 10 users

Windows 10, the latest Microsoft operating system, has already been installed on more than 110 million computers, and that number is growing every day. But the American corporation wants more, so it has given its users an incredible promotion offering thousands of movies and games for just 10 cents.

Windows 10 has already achieved quite a bit of success, but Microsoft has a bit more ambition and would like to see a new platform installed in at least a billion computers in the next few years. So the company is developing new incentives to encourage users to switch to Windows 10, and the latest one is targeted at US residents.

By the end of this month, the Windows Store has an incredible promotion offering up to 1000 of the latest movies, music and computer and mobile games for Windows 10 users, priced just 10 cents per piece.

Each day the assortment will change, and at the promo price you can buy such films as Jurrassic World, Terminator Genisys, Death Games. Part 1 chorus, as well as many new albums of well-known artists and useful programs.

ACTON with a new skateboard for the lazy

ACTON, the company specializing in electric skateboarding, announces another model. The BLINK S is lighter from its predecessor and has a better battery life for a greater range of charge.

Over the years the only skateboarding engine was their user, who had to shove his foot off the ground. Technological advances have made electrical versions of these devices appear on the market, and ACTION is one of the newest players on the market.

The company, which launched its first electric skateboard last year, has just announced three more products, and the first one will be the BLINK S model, whose debut we can expect already in March.

The new skateboard is very lightweight and equipped with an engine that spins it up to 24 km / h. It is powered by a battery that will allow you to travel up to 11 km on one charge. The product will also include a wireless connectivity module, which, via a mobile application, will allow you to select one of several available driving modes, check your distance traveled, track your route,