Incorrect insertion of Pena in Galaxy Note 5 can damage it

Smartphones have been used for years without the stylus used to support touch screens, since the fingers of the user were enough for that. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 also incorporated this feature, but it is not a good idea, because misplacing it could damage the phone.

The S Pen, which is a stylus in which the Galaxy Note 5 is equipped, is theoretically a very useful tool. This is a business phablet that runs graphical software and various financial statements, which are much easier to navigate with a thin pen.

It may, however, cause problems for the users of this smartphone, especially the more absent-minded, who accidentally inserts them into the opposite casing than it should be done. The editors of the Android Police website have shown what will happen if this happens. Then the stylus not only locks into the casing and can not be pulled out, but also stupidly detected system, which causes the smartphone to stop working properly.

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