Mitsubishi is working on intelligent turn signals

Many drivers forget that they have direction indicator lights in their cars, while it is one of the most important equipment of the vehicle, decisive passenger safety. Mitsubishi Electric is working on a completely new technology that will turn signaling in an even more transparent way.

Everybody knows how the direction indicator lights work in the car: flashing lights signal the turning. They are often so small that they are hard to see, especially on a sunny day. Mitsubishi Electric engineers are working on a completely new kind of direction indicator, which will more clearly inform other road users of the turn direction.

The concept system resigns from the blinking lights built into the vehicle's bodywork, to the LED projectors displaying the patterns directly on the road surface. As you can see in the following sketch, the new direction indicators will be much better informed about the traffic and direction. They will show when the vehicle moves forward, backward, turns left and right, and tells you to stop and open the door. Thanks to this latter function, cyclists, when trying to bypass them, will no longer fall into the suddenly open door of the vehicle.

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