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Germany regulates streaming on the internet

The German government has come up with a new idea, which may not appeal to online streamers. Some of them will have to get a license to broadcast programs.

It would seem that the Internet is governed by slightly different rules than television broadcasters and radio, and anyone who wishes can broadcast for hours. The German authorities, however, have a slightly different view on this, and soon YouTube or Twitch users will have to sign up for a broadcast license if they want to continue.

The whole thing started with a YouTube channel called PietSmietTV, which gives let's playe 24 hours a day. It is one of the most famous German channels devoted to playing, not only on YouTube, but also on TwitchTV and IPTV.

The Russo- Authorizations and Surveillance (ZAK), however, decided that its activities are coming under the definition of sender. And that means that the owner of the channel by April 30 will have to acquire the appropriate licenses or terminate the broadcast.