Proclamation of Doom

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Hundreds of soldiers suspected of disseminating intimate photos of their girlfriends

The US Navy Investigations Bureau has launched an investigation against the founders of one of the private Facebook groups. The group served to distribute naked female servants in the American and British armies.

The media informs the investigation launched by the US Navy's Bureau of Investigation, which manages the Marines United-based Facebook. It was revealed that it was primarily used to share pictures of naked women serving in the army. And their dissemination was handled by US and British military forces, including the Marine Corps, Navy Corpsman and the Royal Marines.

Although the main activity of the group was a discussion on military issues, it was dominated by pictures and videos of naked girls: from the photographs of the uncensored women who had been unaware of it to the intimate material whose publication was motivated by vengeance. So far, over 20 women have been identified by name and position.

The investigation includes hundreds of soldiers, and at the same time many accounts on Facebook and Google Drive, belonging to people involved in the case, have been closed. Some have already been expelled and dismissed from their posts.