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IPhone mobile laboratory for cancer detection

Cancer is now the biggest threat to human life, and the key to their treatment is to detect it as quickly as possible. To diagnose cancer, you need a well-equipped medical laboratory with the right equipment and personnel. Unfortunately, not everywhere it is available, so researchers from various research centers are working on mobile laboratories that would perform similar functions.

A team of scientists from the State University of Washington has created such a laboratory that enables on-the-spot testing of tumors. The whole device is very small, and this size was achieved through the use of iPhone 5, which acts as a computing unit for analysis of samples taken.

The device uses a spectrometer to simultaneously analyze eight samples and, by measuring the light spectrum, determines what chemicals are present in them. This way it detects markers of lung, breast, prostate, and epithelial cancer.

Surprisingly, the lab is able to reach as much as 99 percent efficiency in detecting tumors in a patient. It is very useful in developing countries where access to modern medicine is limited.

New iPhone with stronger housing

With the bending case of the iPhone 6, the next generation of smartphones, Apple will pay more attention to the strength of the materials from which it is made. In future generations, the American corporation is going to use aluminum with considerably higher hardness.

The launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been widely echoed online, but not necessarily the way Apple wants it. The company used the aluminum 2474, but it turned out to be very thin. Therefore, for some time in the network appeared pictures of curved devices, the weak housing deformed when worn in trousers.

Apple admitted that the problem was a small number of devices, but quickly introduced structural modifications by installing additional casing reinforcements to prevent it from bending.

In subsequent generations, the company intends to completely eliminate this problem by using much more powerful 7000 Series aluminum. This is exactly the same material that was used in the Apple Watch case, giving the watch more durability. The US corporation plans to use it also in the next iPhone 6 models, which should increase its strength of 60 percent.

Unfortunately, it also complicates the production process, greatly extending it at the same time. For this reason, Apple Watch's manufacturing factories are failing to comply with orders, resulting in almost two months delay in delivery of the new product.