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Official specification

The Huawei Chinese company has unveiled its latest mobile processor, the Kirin 950, which will be on board the new smartphones. The first benchmarks show that the latest layout leaves behind nearly all rivals and may be one of the most powerful processors on the market.

Huawei is Samsung's next smartphone manufacturer to develop its own processor. Its Kirin 950 system, as evidenced by the benchmarks, surpasses only Samsung's newest Exynos M1 Mongoose processor, hitting other chips, including Snapdragon 820.

The Chinese company during the Beijing conference unveiled its latest product, revealing its full technical specification. The processor was made with 16 nm technology and features four powerful 2.3 GHz ARM Cortex A72 cores and four weaker Cortex A53 1.8 GHz cores working in the well-known big configuration.LITTLE.

It supports a small i5 coprocessor, as well as the Mali T880MP4 graphics unit, which provides the smoothness of the display graphics. The processor also features the Cat.6 LTE model for fast data retrieval from the web.

The coprocessor takes care of sensors, a barometer, a gyroscope, a magnetometer, and an accelerometer. Always watch, it is four times better than the i3 coprocessor and needs only 6.5 mA of energy, instead of 90 mA for the predecessor. The graphics unit is 100 percent more efficient than the Kirin 930.

System designers have also improved the quality of voice transmission, increasing the frequency of the transmitted frequency by 100 percent, which now closes in the 50 Hz to 7 kHz range. This means better sound output in low and high frequencies.

Another change is the vertically positioned transistors and the FinFET manufacturing process, which reduces power consumption without sacrificing performance. Constructors emphasize that their performance has increased by 40 percent and power consumption has been reduced by 60 percent. This gives an additional 10 hours of smartphone operation on a standard 3500 mAh battery.