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The Russian bot network has plundered millions of dollars from advertisers

White Ops has discovered a Russian network of bots that bring criminals millions of dollars a day. The system is used to view video ads on fake, specially crafted pages.

Russian hackers have found a completely new, very lucrative way to make money on ads that bring them at least $ 3 million a day. Specialists from White Ops have discovered that hackers have created a bot named Methbot, which cheats the advertising network by playing video ads, followed by bots that imitate real users.

The hacker idea is very complex and requires a lot of effort. The criminals first registered over 6,000 fake Internet domains, pretending to be popular, completely legal. And then they generated over 250,000 false internet addresses, which were solely for video hosting. Ads played on such a site brought criminals $ 13 per 1000 impressions.

Hackers obviously did not confine themselves to creating fake sites, but they also prepared a special algorithm that allowed them to display ads on them. Of course, the ads themselves are not all that, as they still need to organize users to watch and generate traffic.

So they rented the entire server room, which redirected traffic from 570,000 real-user bots, simulating mouse clicks and cursor movements. They managed to illegally acquire IP addresses from two regional Internet registries, which allowed them to pretend that the traffic generated by bots was from Verizon, Comcast, and several other customers.