Proclamation of Doom

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The largest ship in Australian military history accepted into service

In Australia, the largest ship ever to sail under the Royal Australian Navy has been commissioned. This is the huge landing platform of HMAS Canberra. The ship was built on the basis of the Spanish ship Juan Carlos I, and in 2016, the Australian sailors will also have a twin HMAS Adelaide.

The ship's hull with basic instrumentation was built in Navantia's Spanish shipyard, then transported to Australia and completed on site. Below you can see the time-lapse film from HMAS Canberra on Antipodes.

HMAS Canberra could theoretically be classified as a light aircraft carrier, as it could operate short-range and vertical landing aircraft such as the Harrier or F-35B, but the Australians eventually withdrew from the purchase of American aircraft. That is why Canberra will be a rocket / helicopter.

Ships have a displacement of 30 thousand. And will be one of the largest ships in the region. Up to 18 helicopters and 110 vehicles can be boarded. For this, more than a thousand landing troops, whose ash will carry four landing craft. Same ships have only defensive armament, but the offensive force will provide support ships.