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Pavements for SMS writers in Antwerp

Every smartphone owner knows how engrossing attention is writing SMS. At the same time writing and moving the sidewalk, you are asking for serious bodily injury caused by falling into a pillar or other people. In Antwerp, special belts were designed for people writing messages while walking.

Walking around crowded pavements of large cities requires extra caution and respect for the surroundings, otherwise you might fall for someone. Much worse are people who can not even break away from their phones, constantly writing text messages. In their case, the risk of injury is much higher and some people end up with a broken lantern or other decor.

In Antwerp, it was decided to protect such people, leaving on the sidewalks in the busiest part of the city special belts for SMS writers in motion. Interestingly, this is not a government initiative, but the idea of ​​Mlab, which believes it can reduce pedestrian injuries in this way.